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Route of the Wine

Conoce la Ruta del Vino

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If you want to know the history of Guanajuato just open a bottle of wine, the land of Guanajuato has given it some very particular touches, the famous “terroir” that is nothing more than the sum of the climates, the soil and the variety of grapes.

The state’s vineyards are spread in several areas that allow you to live this experience without having to travel long distances from your city.

The greatest concentration of vineyards is between the Heritage Sites and the Magical Town of Dolores Hidalgo, in this region you can find more than 15 options of vineyards, from the most boutique like Garambullo and Dos Búhos to impressive architecture like Tres Raices and Cuna de Tierra.

Vinicola Toyan is perfect, if you’re interested in organic wines, its red and white wines have a mystical touch since they are guarded by huge stone monks in their cellar that is 13 meters below ground.

If you are looking for something more rural, the concepts of the San Lucas, Santisima Trinidad, San Francisco or Senderos vineyards allow you to have the option to visit the cellars but complement it with a visit to a lavender field, a boutique restaurant, to see the production of oil and essences of Lavender or to visit a Polo field.

Guanajuato Capital has its own vineyard and few know it, Camino de Vinos is a few steps from the Turistic Spot.

Sangre de Cristo a mining locality that has history in every corner and this vineyard has the peculiarity of being the highest vineyard in Mexico, it has been a challenge for the grape varieties to adapt to this land but they have succeeded and as a result now they offer a strong wine with great aromatic tones.

In Leon we have 2 options, Octagonal vineyard that produces ancestral wine and is surrounded by rural and bohemian landscapes very close to the Sierra de Vergel. The other option is El Lobo vineyard with a combination of wine and music, in its labels you will be able to notice the passion of the wine to mix with the opera so that you can enjoy a unique moment without having to travel a great distance, located in San Francisco del Rincón is a perfect weekend escape.

To know all the wines, the history and all the regions in one visit, the Wine Museum in Dolores Hidalgo is one of the only two museums dedicated to Wine in Mexico. Here you will learn about the history of wine, the richness of the region, the winemaking houses and the best thing is that you can try them at their tasting bar or you can take some little bottles as a souvenir to set up a wine tasting with friends at home.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)

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