Uriangato Guanajuato

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Elevate Your Style at Mexico’s Grandest Clothing Market

In this charming town visitors will discover a plethora of over 1500 clothing stores!

Every October 6th, the streets come alive with the festivities in honor of the town’s patron, St. Miguel Arcangel, adorned with the intricate designs of colorful flower carpets made by international artists. Uriangato’s flower carpets have gained recognition worldwide for their exceptional artistry.

Explore the history, culture, and traditions of Uriangato, the town where to sun rises!

Tourist attractions

Fashion District

This commercial center is the largest in the country exclusively dedicated to fashion items. With over 1500 clothing stores, it offers an array of options for every member of the family!

Historic City Center

Explore the Historic City Center. Here, visitors will discover the neoclassic architecture of the San Miguel Arcangel Parish, built near the end of the 19th century. Wander along the arcade of the old colonial market, adorned with limestone cladding, and continue your journey to discover the main square, complete with a gazebo built during the Porfirio Diaz presidency. In Mexico, a gazebo is commonly referred to as a kiosk; these are often used as music pavilions by buskers.


Bicentenario Park is a popular lookout point where people gather to admire the cityscape of Uriangato. The park hosts a public library within its premises, visitors enjoying the serenity of this mirador while reading a book is a common sight. Incidentally, this library is one of the largest in town.

Touristic Products

Virgen del Peñasco

Nestled within a vibrant natural setting, a shrine in honor to La Virgen del Peñasco proudly rises. According to popular legend, the image of Virgin Mary spontaneously manifested on a boulder, inspiring the construction of this very shrine.


Experience the tranquility of the outdoors in El Charándaro community, the area offers amenities such as open-air grills and Mexican palapas, a type of thatched roof hut, where people gather to enjoy a meal or relax. The community is located within 10 minutes from the Historic City Center, its natural scenery will surely enchant you.

Unique Experiences

Holy Week

One of the most important celebrations in Uriangato, rooted in Catholic tradition, is the reenactment of the passion of Jesus Christ. This tradition has been faithfully observed for nearly half a century.

During this festivity, a unique assortment of snacks is offered, including: fresh lettuce and turnip seasoned with lime juice and chili powder, caramel lollipops, and charamuscas (hard candy made with unrefined brown sugar filled with coconut, peanut and walnut).

International Flower Carpet Art Festival.

Marvel at the intricate designs of the flower carpets made by international artists in honor of Saint Miguel Arcángel, the town’s patron saint. The festival takes place annually on October 6th. Explore the 6-kilometer stretch of this exhibition and be mesmerized by the ephemeral beauty of this art expression created with flowers, sawdust, sand and various dyed materials.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish)