Comonfort Pueblo Mágico de Guanajuato

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The latest Guanajuato town to be  designated as a Magic Town thanks to the conservation of cultural manifestations such as the native Otomí cuisine, the traditional ‘molcajete’ bowl made by local artisans using volcanic rock and the Chichimeca Gamares folk dance.

The century old architectural heritage preserved in Comonfort includes buildings like Parroquia de San Francisco de Asís church exhibiting altar ornamentations dating back to 1765, Templo de la Virgen de los Remedios Church and the City Main Square built as a memorial to Doctor José María Luic Mora born in this town.

A vast assortment of handmade artisanal pieces are created in town, some of the more notable are: tapestry and basketry made with common reed strips or ‘carrizo’, ‘molcajete’ bowls and clay pottery.

Comonfort is also famous for its ceremonial tortillas, a peculiar culinary art consisting in stamping corn tortillas using wooden seals of various shapes and imagery with a purple pigment made from a plant known as ‘muicle’ or Mexican honeysuckle. These decorated tortillas represent an offering of gratitude for a plentiful harvest amid the religious festivities that take place in town.

The local cuisine offers sweet breads, commonly referred to as oven fruit, pastries prepared with sweet and savory fillings or ‘vaquitas’ and a traditional Mexican snack known as ‘gaznate’, a deep fried dough pastry filled with meringue.

Located in the Soria community, the local textile factory offers guided tours for those interested in learning about the manufacturing process of cashmere suits.


In Comonfort live

Magical Chamacuero

The Experience: Explore Comonfort, a captivating Magical Town that epitomizes the essence of Mexican culture with its cuisine, music and arts. Dare to experience ‘La Magia de Chamucero’ Tour, and live an adventure to be remembered for a lifetime.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)