Acámbaro Guanajuato

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Acámbaro is a picturesque city with origins of the Otomí culture, which was founded on September 19, 1526.

Now famous for its delicious bread, its beautiful temples and sanctuaries that offer a unique cultural experience.

The name of this municipality has roots of the Purépecha language; the word Acámbaro means “Place of magueys”, or “place where the magueys grow”.

A must to visit is the Bullfighting Fountain, the Temple of San Francisco and its Cloister, the Temple of the Hospital, the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, the Expiatory Temple, Hermitages, Bridge over the Lerma River, The Aqueduct, Chupícuaro archaeological zone, Fountain Moorish, Temple of San Antonio, Monument to Don Miguel Hidalgo, Hidalgo Garden, the Temple of Solitude and the Acámbaro Museum.

With a well-known vocation for the elaboration of traditional bread, its famous acambaritas stand out that you must try on your visit to the city.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)

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