Victoria Guanajuato

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Arroyo Seco Archaeological Site

This archaeological site is brimming with ancient rock paintings created by the civilizations that inhabited the area in 600 B.C. Arroyo Seco is a haven for biodiversity.

Take a guided tour through the area to discover the flora and fauna of this ancient site.

San Isidro Community, Land of Giants

San Isidro is ideal for those yearning to connect with nature, the community stands as a favored location by trekking enthusiasts.

Explore the area to discover ancient rock paintings or take part in a guided tour to the Giant Cactaceae Sanctuary.

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Sierra Gorda, located in the northeastern reaches of Guanajuato State. While traversing this mountainous terrain, visitors will be treated to panoramic vistas, a vibrant natural scenery and mesmerizing sunrises.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish)