Salvatierra Pueblo Mágico de Guanajuato

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With a long history stemming from its colonial origins, Salvatierra’s essence is defined by the preservation of this roots. This is evident in the architecture of its century-old convents and churches. Salvatierra is a fertile land, where the waters of the Lerma River nourish its thriving agricultural industry.

Discover Salvatierra, the treasure of Guanajuato.

Tourist attractions


Main Square and Garden

This public space offers a tranquil ambience where you can relax and indulge in a refreshing artisanal sorbet offered by local street vendors. As you savor your dessert, let your gaze wander to the majestic bell towers of the Diocesan Sanctuary that stand tall against the sky.

Across the square, you will find a building named Portal La Luz, where small family restaurants offer a taste of the local cuisine with dishes such as:

  • The larga: a long and thick tortilla, filled with various stews and traditional dishes.
  • The buñuelo: a crunchy fritter served with honey, syrup, or sugar on top. It is usually paired with atole—a hot and comforting beverage made from a type of corn flour called masa harina.


“El Sabinal” Eco-Park

El Sabinal is a beautiful eco-park that lies along the Lerma River, where the shade of sabino trees creates a refreshing atmosphere for visitors to enjoy a scenic walk.  The park offers a parking area, a playground for the youngest members of the family, and a picnic section equipped with palapas—open-sided structures with a thatched roof made from dried palm leaves.

To reach the park, visitors will have to cross the Batanes Bridge, an arch bridge made of stone and a historic landmark of Salvatierra.


Agustín Carranza y Salcedo Esplanade

Locally known as ‘Explanada del Carmen’, this vibrant esplanade is the heart of cultural life in the city. It serves as the stage for concerts and public events throughout the year. The beautiful cobblestone pavement is harmoniously complemented by the colonial-style architecture of the edifications that encircle the space.

The Agustín Carranza y Salcedo Esplanade is regarded by many as one of the most significant ensembles of colonial architecture in Guanajuato state.


Experiences and Tours


Candelaria Festival: Also known as Luces de la Candelaria, this festivity kicks off with the Manolas Parade, a graceful procession of women dressed in elegant gowns. The celebrations continue with a parade featuring creatively themed floats, culinary exhibitions, and live concerts.


Marquesada Festival: The Marquesada Festival is a celebration of Salvatierra’s colonial roots, attracting visitors from across the country and around the globe. The festival blends the town’s rich culture, art and bullfighting tradition, creating a truly unique experience that captures the essence of Salvatierra.


Larga and Quesadilla Festival: This gastronomic celebration pays tribute to the skilled artisanal cooks in Salvatierra and the southeastern region of Guanajuato. They expertly prepare the traditional larga and quesadilla, which are a staple of the local cuisine.  The festival has a family-friendly atmosphere, full of color, music and the irresistible aromas of these culinary delights.

Experiences and Tours


Luces de Salvatierra Tour: Immerse yourself in the traditions and history of Salvatierra with this tour. As a participant, you will:

  • Explore the lively streets of Salvatierra with an experienced guide and a manola—a woman elegantly dressed in traditional attire commonly worn during the Candelaria Festival.
  • Listen to captivating stories and legends that shaped the town’s culture and identity.
  • Visit a Mexican tavern—or cantina—where you can enjoy a drink and snack, in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Watch a spectacular video mapping and fireworks show, a spectacle that illuminates the town’s landmarks.

Experience Salvatierra like never before with the Luces de Salvatierra Tour.

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Phone: 466 235 1753


The Cowboy Experience: Ideal for those who enjoy spending their weekends in the countryside. This experience takes place at El Mezquite Ranch, located just 15 minutes from the center of Salvatierra.

Here, you will delve into the world of horse care, learning about the various tasks it involves— from grooming and feeding to providing shelter for these noble creatures.

This experience is what you need to become a cowboy for a day!

Contact Info:

Phone:  466 1864968 / 466 2024403

Olé Salvatierra Tour: Embark on a musical journey through the charming alleys and streets of downtown Salvatierra. Tour members will be joined by a band playing Mexican folk music.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, you will also be joined by dancers wearing a traditional manola dress, and mojiganga puppets—giant puppets made of cardboard which are worn and animated by people who dance and move them around.

Experience the rhythms of Salvatierra with the Olé Salvatierra Tour.

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Phone: 415 144 0638


En Salvatierra se viven grandes historias

Enamórate en Salvatierra

La experiencia: Un destino ideal para conocer una de las joyas escondidas de México en un viaje de pareja o para disfrutar con amigos. Este destino incluye experiencias de primer nivel como lo son una cata de vinos locales en un hotel boutique situado en el corazón de la ciudad, un masaje con aromaterapia para parejas llevado hasta tu habitación, cena en el mejor restaurante de la ciudad y una manera distinta de experimentar la vida nocturna con una tradicional callejoneada al son de la banda y degustando mezcal para alegrar el alma.

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