Cervantino 50 años

Teatro Principal

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The theater has a vast history spanning over two hundred years of existence, the first ever to be built in the city, quite the accolade!

During the apogee of the mining industry in the city, the theater was essential in providing entertainment to the people, showcasing all forms of classical arts.

The venue was first inaugurated on April, 1788 as a playhouse and movie theater. In 1921 a fire decimated the building forcing a temporary close. It was entirely rebuilt in 1955 under the oversight of ‘The University of Guanajuato’, opening once again on September 16th of the same year. The theater remains operational to date, providing a stage for various events of the
Festival Internacional Cervantino.
Additional info: Tickets sold are event-dependent as well as admission fees.

A walk through downtown Guanajuato is a constant reminder of an olden time. ‘Baratillo’ square is a prime example of this, a place where you can see the locals go about their daily lives in a colonial ambiance surrounded by colorful traditional buildings, balconies and a beautiful fountain in the middle embellishing the view.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)