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1. Intellectual Property: The content of the Site www.turismo.guanajuato.gob.mx, which includes texts, graphics, designs used and / or displayed on the Site www.turismo.guanajuato.gob.mx (the “Content”), It is the exclusive property of the Owner, and is protected by international standards and treaties. Users of the Site undertake not to reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the Content, nor to use it in any other way for commercial or public purposes. Likewise, the style and presentation of the Site (including the combinations of colors, shape of the buttons, design, layout and any other graphic element) are also protected and are the property of the Owner. The reproduction of the contents without prior written consent of the “Owner” is prohibited.

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4. Cookies: Through Cookie technology or IP tracking, the web portal can access other information about it (“Non-Specific Information”). To date, the Non-Specific Information that we collect consists of information about the browser you use, the type of computer, its operating systems, its Internet service providers, the sections of the site, that you visit, the links that you. states and other similar information. Non-Specific Information is used only by The Owner, in order to know which are the preferred areas of the sites, what technology is being used, etc. and constantly improve the sites. Your browser, like others, may be programmed to accept Cookies. In this case, if you do not want to provide Non-Specific Information, you can program your browser to reject Cookies, or to warn when a site tries to send you Cookies. In this case, take into account that some Internet sites, as well as some of the sections of the Site www.guanajuato.gob.mx, may not function correctly. For more information on how to disable the option to accept Cookies in your browser, we advise you to go to http://www.netscape.com, if you are using a Netscape browser, or to http://www.microsoft. com, in case of using a Microsoft browser. In case of using other browsers, we advise you to consult your provider.


Cookie. Information stored in the browser and that can be retrieved by the server that placed that information there. This information can be used to identify a user.

Buttons. Image used as a link that when accessed can lead to another Web page, download a file, or run a program.

Layout. Distribution of graphic elements and content.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)