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Rappelling in a Mine Entrance

In the magical town of Mineral de Pozos there is the possibility of rappelling through the entrance of a Mine, an activity that provide adrenaline in order to balance the calm of its streets.

Sky Dream

Contemplating a sunrise or sunset from the apparent tranquility of a hammock becomes very interesting when you are suspended on a cliff.

Volcanic Circuit

Get ready to explore some of the interesting volcanic craters that brings life to Valle de Santiago and be able to perform various adventure activities such as hiking, mountain biking and rappelling with the possibility of complementing the experience spending the night in a cottage or camping inside a crater.

360 ° route

Between San José Iturbide and Tierra Blanca join this tour aboard an off-road vehicle to discover waterfalls, canyons and a suspension bridge.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)