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Where to Stay

Donde dormir en Guanajuato

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Surely, after walking the beautiful cobblestone streets of the state you deserve a rest and Guanajuato has the perfect places to recharge your energy and continue the next morning.

Hotels located downtown will share the history and the human warmth that defines the city.

In the Heritage Cities, you will find sites of great architectural value since they are part of the cultural legacy that these cities bring to the world and their hotels mostly have beautiful views, terraces and the most beautiful common areas you can imagine.

If the destination takes you to one of our magical towns, besides an incomparable peace, your adventurous spirit will force you to look for the best breakfast in the local market, you will have the best of the local gastronomy at your disposal. A great part of the value offered by the magical towns is their gastronomic legacy that complements their tourist offer, from ceremonial tortillas to a few taquitos of escamoles (Mexican delicacy) with guacamole will be on the menu.

Are you coming on a business trip?  Welcome to the Industrial Corridor, your options are unlimited, Leon, Silao, Salamanca, Irapuato, Celaya, Los Apaseos, San Francisco del Rincón, all destinations with a vocation for meetings have near the tourist attractions their best hotel offer, from boutique hotels to large hotel chains provide options for your next trip to the state is pleasure.

There’s also time for advenure, there are cabins, camping areas and country hotels distributed in the main natural areas of the State, you can explore Sierra de Lobos, Sierra Gorda, La Sierra de Santa Rosa, the volcanic zone in Valle de Santiago.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)