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Route of the Mezcal

Ruta del mezcal en Guanajuato

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You might not know that Guanajuato was the first destination to produce the famous Mezcal!

The first permit in New Spain for the production of this spirit drink was granted by the Spanish colony to the Marques de Berrios hacienda in the 18th century, known at that time as Destilado Criollo because of its combination of the distillation technique brought by the Spaniards and the wild agave of the region.

Guanajuato has two destinations to take you through this story.

San Luis de la Paz and San Felipe, you can include both or only one of them in your agenda, the point is that you know the incredible variety of mezcals in the region, the Agave Salmiana is the endemic one but there are hundreds of other species of agave that are cultivated in the region and that give form to this ancestral drink.

Something unique about this route that marks the difference with other regions of Mexico is that there are still several mezcal haciendas that have been producing mezcal for more than two centuries.

There is a plethora of mezcal producers in this region, which makes it incredible hard to single one brand out and recommend it, it’s call the mezcal route for a reason after all. You can find a list of fine options below, surely you’ll fin one for your taste.

San Felipe

  • Villasuso Mezcal
  • Jaral de Berrio Mixture
  • Torres Mochas Mezcal
  • Mezcal Penca and Stone

San Luis de la Paz

  • La Quinta Ranch
  • Chantaman Mezcal
  • Mezcal Hacienda Vergel de Guadalupe

Available in: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)