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Cajeta Route

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The rest of the world knows it as Dulce de Leche and for us it is our Cajeta, the Bajio’s area favorite, elaborated with authentic Goat’s Milk that you can enjoy in its different presentations, vanilla, burnt, liquors added, with touches of strawberry or chocolate and also now with sweeteners like Stevia.

The importance of this sweet is so great that is present in the coat of arms of the city where the inscription appears in Latin “De Forti Dulcedo” … of the strong is the sweetness.

Throughout this route you will learn that the name of the Cajeta comes from the small wooden containers called “cajetes”, perfect for transportation and enjoyment.

In the route there is no beginning and no end, it is to your taste, there are more than 60 producers in the city and most of them offer the opportunity to know the elaboration process. In addition, throughout the city you will find varied presentations of this sweet that will allow you to know how versatile it becomes in the pastry shop.

Here are some recommendations, so you don’t miss out any of the main stores, La Tradicional de Salgado, La Reyna or El Caballo Sin Rival.

Available in: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)