Magic Towns


Yuriria - Pueblo Mágico de Guanajuato

Available in: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)

The name of this Magical Town comes from Lake Yuririapúndaro or Lake of Blood. Its wealth and tourist attraction is mainly the amount of churches, parishes and convents in the city and the architecture and covers of the constructions are super colorful. Once again you will need to free up the space on your camera, so you don’t miss out anything.

As for the outdoor activities, it is a destination where you can go horseback riding, motorcycling, even by boat on the lake and fishing. To eat, look for some nice carnitas tacos (fried pork meat tacos), barbecue, mole and ash tamales, you won’t regret it.

For shopping at the handicraft markets be ready to take with you some shoes, rebozos, cross-stitch embroidery and hand carved leatherwork.

You can’t leave Yuriria without visiting La Joya Crater Park, an ecological park with more than 15 volcanic craters.

Available in: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)