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Route of the Convents

Ven a Guanajuato y conoce la ruta de los conventos

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A route through the southern part of the state will show you all the architectural beauty derived from the historical presence of various religious orders in Guanajuato.

At the entrance of the Sierra de los Agustinos is located the mystical place of Salvatierra, which was the first Spanish city established in the state, which gives it a stately vibe in each of its streets.

You can also visit the Former Convent and Temple of the Capuchin Nuns, which is enigmatic from its red walls. Its inner patios give absolute serenity.

Your next destination is Yuriria and its Ex Convent of San Agustin Museum, a construction so magnificent that it decorates the historic center and custody the Laguna.

If you pass through Salamanca, your must-see is the Temple of San Agustín where the minor cloister of the convent is located the Casa de la Cultura, with an impressive set of archs with vaults and its conservative Renaissance interior patio, where you can be a participant in exhibitions and cultural concerts all over the years.

Available in: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)