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Gastronomía en Guanajuato

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Traditional Cuisine

Cocina tradicional en Guanajuato

In Guanajuato everything is used to make traditional cuisine an unforgettable experience. Mud pots are commonly used in wood-burning stoves with their aromas of chili, wild herbs, insects and spices.

The most beautiful tortillas in the country are proudly made in the state and are prepared in Comonfort: they are carved and inked using an eatable pigment as a millenary tradition, taking advantage of the corn, turning all this into magic to enjoy them with a delicious mole.

The rustic kitchens are the best scenario to enjoy the authentic “enchiladas mineras” and all those dishes that touch the heart and remind us of what Mexico tastes like.


Cocina callejera en Guanajuato

Guanajuato tastes like guacamayas, garambullo ice cream, caldo de oso and barbacoa tacos on a Sunday morning. There is a huge number of places to eat snacks on the street that, while they keep the hunger at bay, they also embrace the heart.

Don’t skip on the strawberries and cream from the stalls on your way to Irapuato, and make sure to stop by Celaya and get some delicious gorditas (thick corn tortilla with a pocket stuffed with meat).

If you pass by the Otomi land, make the most of it, and try the corn and its many different ways of making your meal even tastier. Quesadillas, tlacoyos, huaraches and tacos placeros are waiting for you in all the corners around the cities of the state.

You haven’t been to Guanajuato or Leon if you haven’t tried the guacamayas. This street-dish that is made out of pork rids, “pico de gallo” (fresh tomato dip), chili and lime that brings us back to life with its acidic touches.

Haute cuisine

Cocina de autor en Guanajuato

If you were wondering if eating in Guanajuato is boring? Just take a walk through the galleries of San Miguel de Allende to discover the most beautiful works of art in its gastronomy that combines excellent ingredients with refined culinary techniques. Here is a list of restaurants that you cannot miss: “Marsala con Acento”, “Zibu Allende”, “Áperi” or any of its terraces with spectacular views. Even if you are in Leon on a business trip, there are also places where food is the center of attention and will not disappoint you, such as “La Cocinoteca”. This city has its own signature scent and flavors of Cecina (Mexican Style Beef Jerky), of smoke and the best steaks in the region and from the freshness of local vegetables. Along the streets of Guanajuato City, you will find dishes that mix the best of Mexico with ingredients from other latitudes, such as restaurants like, “La Virgen de la Cueva” and “Jardín de los Milagros”. Here the chefs create unique experiences from the first bite and we feel like having an unforgettable classy dinner.

Disponible en: Español (Spanish) 日本語 (Japanese)

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